"Silence is detrimental and I need to speak up and out."
RaceTalk Participant
"I plan to follow this movement, because I see the validity of it."
RaceTalk Participant
"I learned that the [RaceTalk] panels exist--it is definitely needed in the curriculum as well as the community, and this could be a template for use in other programs (e.g., School of Social work)."
RaceTalk Participant
"The rotating of stories in real life narratives was powerful. I believe the connection to systemic issues through personal narratives helps with the delivery of the message."
RaceTalk Participant
"[The most beneficial part of the RaceTalk panel was] hearing the narratives of people of color, which are often silenced."
RaceTalk Participant
A Nation-wide Installation of RaceTalk Panels

RaceTalk Panel presentations are an innovative way to integrate race-related dialogue in academic and corporate environments that are committed to cultural inclusivity and meeting the needs of an ever growing culture that is comprised of diversity.

k-12 public and private schools

RaceTalk Panels hold institutions accountable to staff, faculty, and the people they're meant to serve. I am committed to extending what has been a community initiative in Kalamazoo, Michigan, to larger communities across the country and untapped sectors like K-12 environments.

accountability in police departments

Police departments are also a sector that RaceTalk Panel presentations will expand to as today's cultural and political climate constantly remind us that power and privilege can cost lives. This unique and meaningful model deserves to be experienced by anyone who is interested in building social bridges and humanizing their existence.

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